Ebony Jewelwing 4/29/2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quick Post--ONE more dragonfly to add!

Went to Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge in Knotts Island, NC recently, and spotted this Dragonfly... Knew it was one I had not seen, so snapped a few shots!

This is a Needhams Skimmer. It is common down there. It was Open Roads day on the Refuge, which meant we could drive through most of the refuge... Saw lots of great birds that day! And there were some spots that were 'thick' with dragonflies!

I figured it was a Skimmer because it was similar to the Golden-winged Skimmer, but the reddish coloring intrigued me!

That's all I have today! Hot and humid here... may not be going out till the weekend!

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