Ebony Jewelwing 4/29/2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Only ONE to add this end of July...

Gee, I have only ONE to add to my blog! I am not 100% with the ID either, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

Saw this one at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge on the 26th. I am thinking it is an Immature Four-spotted Pennant. Tho I have shown one before, thought it would be interesting to add an immature one to the blog... It seems pretty different, tho you can see it WILL have the four spots and the light colored body...

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Monday, July 10, 2017

One more butterfly and a couple of Odes...

I was so excited to get a picture of this Common Wood Nymph! I was in a Nature Preserve in Hampton, VA yesterday, and saw something flit by us... Kept my eyes on it, and was able to finally get these pictures:

Pretty cool looking! 

And see that little orange dot on it's body? Couldn't find anything online about that... Although it could be a bit of pollen!

Then there were a few shots of a Dragonfly that I do not really know... 

(not a clear shot, but wanted to show the coloring on the body)

As far as I could find, this is a Seaside Dragonlet. It has been seen at this Preserve in the past. But if anyone thinks different, feel free to let me know... I want to learn!

 These two, above and below, seemed to be the same one... bad lighting tho...

And then there are two I DO know!

Below is a Black Saddlebags... Been trying to get a picture of one of these type! It was about 15 feet up in the air! Saw it yesterday at the Preserve. 
 TODAY, I spotted this Dragonfly in the front yard, and DANG, if it doesn't look like the same thing!! Not the best shots, because it was flying around and around the lawn, back and forth, up and down, so quickly... hard to get ANY shots! But I think this first shot below shows a little bit of the saddlebag... and when I just looked at it, without the camera, it seemed to be one! 
 This one is not as clear, but you can tell it has more 'to' it than a skimmer or dancer...
And lastly, here is a Four-spotted Pennant... Yay!!

 That's it for a while, since the weather is going to get very hot and humid for a bit now. If you live somewhere that it isn't like that---go find a few for me!! :)

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quick Post--ONE more dragonfly to add!

Went to Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge in Knotts Island, NC recently, and spotted this Dragonfly... Knew it was one I had not seen, so snapped a few shots!

This is a Needhams Skimmer. It is common down there. It was Open Roads day on the Refuge, which meant we could drive through most of the refuge... Saw lots of great birds that day! And there were some spots that were 'thick' with dragonflies!

I figured it was a Skimmer because it was similar to the Golden-winged Skimmer, but the reddish coloring intrigued me!

That's all I have today! Hot and humid here... may not be going out till the weekend!

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